The diagram of the convoluted build configuration automation model (EnvDTE/EnvDTE80) (Part 2)

In my previous post I talked about the convoluted build configuration automation model (EnvDTE/EnvDTE80). While I had it fresh in my head, I used the “Export to image” feature of my brain (OK, I used Visio) and here is a graphical representation of it. It is a model of objects (not classes) in memory, where each ellipse is an object and its text inside is the class of the object. The continuous arrow lines are properties and the the text of the line is the property name. The dotted lines are not properties but indirect pointers. It should be clear now that the object model for solution configurations is quite different than the one for projects (one is modeled as a collection while the other as a matrix), which is a pity.


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