• Extensibility Tools 2015 extension
    Contains numerous tools and helpers that makes it easier than ever to build Visual Studio extensions. By Mads Kristensen, Visual Studio Gallery.
  • Visual Studio Extension Analyzer
    Extension Analyzer helps debug issues with VSIX Compoments, Visual Studio Packages, PkgDef Files and MEF Components. It also provides an aggregated view of log and trace information for Visual Studio.
  • VSCT Powertoy
    The VSCT (Visual Studio Command Table) PowerToy is a read-only viewer for Visual Studio 2010 that you can use to explore the commands associated with a VSPackage, and with Visual Studio itself. You can quickly search for any existing commands in the Visual Studio IDE. By browsing through the command groups, GUIDs and IDs, priorities, and other properties of existing commands, you can more easily place and integrate the commands of your own VSPackage.

VS SDK, packages, add-ins, macros and more…