Visual Studio Code Extensibility

  • Visual Studio Code source code
    The source code of Visual Studio Code on GitHub.
  • Example – Hello World
    This document will take you through creating your first VS Code extension (“Hello World”) and will explain the basic VS Code extensibility concepts.
  • Example – Word Count
    Word Count is an end to end tutorial to show you how to create an extension to aid in Markdown authoring.
  • Example – Language Server
    Language servers allow you to add your own validation logic to files open in VS Code.
  • Example – Debuggers
    Visual Studio Code talks to so-called debug adapters through an abstract wire protocol. We call this protocol the VS Code Debug Protocol (or CDP for short). A debug adapter is a standalone executable that typically talks to a real debugger and translates between the abstract CDP and the concrete protocol of the debugger.
  • MDTools
    Work with selections and update based on common text processing e.g. ToUpper, HTMLEncode, …
  • Decorator
    Shows how to decorate editor text with a border, colors, and a custom cursor as well as add an overview ruler highlight.
  • TextDocumentProvider
    Shows how to create virtual documents and preview them.
  • TSLink
    Lint your TypeScript files based on TSLint.
  • Spelling and Grammar Checker
    Configurable Markdown spelling and grammar checker. Calls an external web service for checking and supports activation, add to dictionary, error mapping. Watches for config file changes in real time.
  • Mock Debugger
    Helps you build and test a debugger.
  • Go Language Support
    Rich language support for Go Lang – IntelliSense, Debug, Peek, Rename, Syntax, …

VS SDK, packages, add-ins, macros and more…