6 months without blogging

I haven’t written a new post in this blog since 6 months and 2 days ago. If you are subscribed through RSS you may have notice it 🙂 The reason is that the IT department of the company where I worked for “suffered” an outsourcing at May 15th, which included me as part of the “pack”, and during these months my life has been under a lot of pressure during day hours and even on nights and weekends, specially the first months. It seems that management is not the same in a final client than in a IT provider ;-). Since I wanted to keep my commitment to MZ-Tools (there will be a new major version 7.0 next year) and of course to my family, the two resulting casualties have been this blog and the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) tittle that won’t be awarded to me next January like the past 7 years (I haven’t written new articles of the MZ-Tools Series and I haven’t answered questions in the Visual Studio Extensibility MSDN Forum either). Nonetheless I will try to write new posts from time to time since there are still areas of add-in development that I haven’t covered, such as unit testing add-ins within Visual Studio (that I have invested a lot of time lately).