Visual Studio “14” CTP: add-ins are gone

I blogged some time ago about Add-ins officially deprecated in Visual Studio 2013 and given that MZ-Tools is still an add-in, after the announcement of Visual Studio “14” CTP I was curious yesterday if it would still support add-ins. I had a very busy day at the office so I couldn’t check it until night at home. In the past it would mean to download the .iso file, setup a virtual machine on my computer, install it, etc. but now with Windows Azure I was already at bed about to sleep when I grasped my iPad, connected to my Windows Azure account, created a virtual machine with the VS 14 CTP from the gallery, installed the Microsoft Remote Desktop client app for iPad, connected to the machine and launched Visual Studio (amazed that all that was possible with a tablet and 10 minutes of time, really cool). Then I clicked the Tools menu and I saw that the Add-In Manager is gone, which means that Visual Studio “14” won’t support add-ins at all and you will have to migrate your add-in to a Visual Studio package. Incidentally, Microsoft has just released the Visual Studio 2013 SDK Samples.