It’s about time!

Finally I decided to start a blog about Visual Studio extensibility: macros, add-ins, templates, SDK packages, and so on. My name is Carlos Quintero, I am from Madrid (Spain) (so I do not speak English natively as you will notice) and I am Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2004. If you have come to my blog chances are that you already know me from the several forums and newsgroups about VS extensibility and you know about my web site and my MZ-Tools add-in for the family of Microsoft IDEs  (VB5, VB6, VBA, VS.NET and VS 2005).

If you are starting with VS extensibility, I recommend you to visit the a section of my website with lots of resources (documentation, articles, samples, forums, newsgroups, blogs, videos, webcasts, etc.):

Resources about Visual Studio .NET 2002/2003 and Visual Studio 2005 extensibility

As you can see I update it with new resources available on the web and I write 20-30 small articles about VS extensibility each year and from now on I will announce them here so you have a reason to subscribe through RSS to this blog if you are interested in this subject.

If you have questions about VS extensibility, post them on this forum which I visit quite regularly:

Visual Studio Extensibility

And that’s all for now. BTW, I am currently at the TechEd Developers Barcelona 2006 where there are some good sessions about VS extensibility.

VS SDK, packages, add-ins, macros and more…