New Web Form designer for Visual Studio “Orcas”

Visual Studio “Orcas” will feature a new Web Form designer codenamed “Quartz” based on FrontPage technologies replacing the one of Visual Studio 2005 codenamed “Trident” based on IE (MSHTML):

Sapphire: New Web Form designer in Visual Studio Orcas

If you have tried to make your Visual Studio add-in to work with WebForms or HTML pages, you know how difficult it is. So, I have opened a suggestion in the Microsoft Connect website for feedback:

Add extensibility support for WebForms/HTML forms in VS Orcas

You can visit it and add your vote to my suggestion. Hopefully we can have a better extensibility for Webforms/HTML pages in VS Orcas. The February CTP will be the starting point to test it.

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