It’s now official: the Visual Studio Gallery

Microsoft announced it some days ago: the new Visual Studio Gallery (, a new web site with lots of 3rd party products for Visual Studio, such as controls, source control providers, add-ins, packages, etc. Considering how hard can be sometimes the Visual Studio extensibility, it’s great to see the big ecosystem of tools that many people is building around Microsoft Visual Studio. The Eclipse IDE for Java has had always such a big ecosystem of plugins (I used Eclipse with some plugins to develop a J2ME game for Java-enabled mobile phones a couple of years ago) and now Visual Studio has such ecosystem in a centralized website, easy to find and navigate.

Of course, my MZ-Tools add-in is part of such ecosystem:

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  1. I just wanted to give you a heads up of some updates we’ve made to the Visual Studio Gallery ( to support RSS feeds, Tagging, HTML editor for details pages and other new features.

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