Visual Studio 2008 SP1 new icon showing versión “9”

Apart from fixing bugs and providing new features, VS 2008 SP1 includes a tiny welcome detail: it shows the Visual Studio version (“9”) in the icon of the shortcuts and in the icon of the main window caption. For those of us developing extensions for Visual Studio, we have to have several Visual Studio versions installed side by side: I have four from VS.NET 2002 to VS 2008 because my MZ-Tools add-in still targets the four versions. While I have the shortcuts sorted in the Windows Quick Launch toolbar so there is no problem there, when I had several of them open I had no way to distinguish them easily and I wish Microsoft uses “Microsoft Visual Studio 200?” in the main window caption rather than “Microsoft Visual Studio”. While SP1 keeps the same caption, the icon now allows me to distinguish the Visual Studio 2008 version.

3 thoughts on “Visual Studio 2008 SP1 new icon showing versión “9””

  1. I had the same sort of need, but only to distinguish VS 2005 from 2008. So I took the VS 2005 icon and turned it 90° — made it look like an 8.

  2. I appreciated the little ‘9’ on the VS2008 quick launch icon. But, I installed VS2005 after VS2008, and although it’s not recommended to install in that sequence, I have no trouble developing with either version side-by-side. The only thing is that the VS2005 installation replaced the VS2008 quick launch icon with its previous ‘generic’ version (no little ‘9’ in the icon). I wonder how I might fix that without a big un-install / re-install.

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