MSDN Community Content for “Automation and Extensibility for Visual Studio”

During the past five years I have written about 120 articles on my MZ-Tools web site about automation and extensibility of Visual Studio, most of them intended for add-ins, some usable from macros too and some other using services of the SDK (rather than the automation model) from an add-in.

In the next few weeks I do plan to include relevant links to them in the Community Content section at the bottom of each topic in the MSDN documentation, so that add-in developers not aware of them or not aware of my blog where I announce new articles can reach them. I have started today with some links in some topics. See how the “Common Environment Object Model Examples” MSDN topic is enriched now:

Common Environment Object Model Examples

Of course, other topics have a much more narrow list of articles:

How to: Expose an Add-in on the Tools Menu (Visual Basic

PS: One problem of the Community Content editor provided by MSDN is that it doesn’t have a button to insert hyperlinks, so they were just text that you have to copy and paste in the address bar of the browser. I am not sure if this is “by design” to disallow HTML content (spam?) or that someone forgot to provide that button, but it happens that you can paste HTML content in the editor, so I managed to include actual hyperlinks…