Fixed: Reading whole posts of this blog through a RSS reader

Today I have found the setting in the Community Server that hosts this blog that sets if the whole post or just a summary is published in the RSS feed. It was configured by default to publish only the summary so you got a “Read more…” at the end of an excerpt of each post when using a RSS reader. I tried to find the setting some months ago to no avail and today in a second try and after some searches on the web I have succeded 🙂

For other bloggers with the same problem, there are actually two settings, quite hidden (at least for me):

  • In the Control Panel, “Configure” tab, “Post Options” sub-tab, “Display” sub-sub-tab (no wonder I didn’t found it) there is a setting “Use post summaries in RSS” that by default was set to “Yes”. It needs to be changed to “No”. From this moment, the whole content of new posts is published, rather than a summary. Existing posts remain summarized, but you can change them with a second setting:
  • When you edit a post, go to the “Publication Settings” tab and there is a setting “Use post summaries in RSS”. By default it uses the general setting above but you can change it individually for each post. I have changed a few of past posts before getting tired…

So, you can now read whole posts with a RSS reader.