More on new project type Guids or flavors and how to get them

Some days ago I wrote about testing a Visual Studio add-in against new Visual Studio tools or extensions from Microsoft. I have been testing my MZ-Tools add-in and I have had to make it aware of those new project types, mainly to display correctly the project/file icons in some features. I wrote long time ago how to get the project type Guid from an add-in. I have updated that article with the C# version:

HOWTO: Get the project flavor (subtype) of a Visual Studio project from an add-in

and I have updated too the list of known project type Guids to include XNA Game, Silverlight and SharePoint projects:

INFO: List of known project type Guids

Finally, it can happen, as in my case, that I don’t want to use the services from the SDK to get the project type or flavor (I still support VS.NET 2002/2003), so I use another approach through extenders, as I explained in the article:

HOWTO: Guess the type of a Visual Studio project from an add-in or macro

I have updated it to provide the C# code and to document “creative ways” of getting the project type flavor when the extender is the same for several project flavors, such as “VST” for Visual Studio Tools for Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) or “Microsoft.Xna.GameStudio.CodeProject.ParentProjectExtender” for XNA game projects (Zune, XBox, Windows).