Good response from Microsoft fixing bugs in new WPF-based commandbars of VS 2010 Beta 1

A week ago I blogged about some nasty bugs that happened in VS 2010 Beta 1 when using the new WPF-based commandbars from an add-in. While VS 2010 Beta 1 was very disappointing for me in this regard, the response from Microsoft in the last days has been great and so far the following ones will be fixed in the next build:

CommandBarButtons created by add-ins in context menus don’t appear

CommandBarPopup on toolbars doesn’t show arrow to indicate the dropdown

EnvDTE.Command.Delete does not remove CommandBarButtons created from that command on Visual Studio commandbars

“Object must be the same type as the enum” exception calling CommandBars.Add from an add-in

Custom pictures in CommandBarButtons created by add-in don’t show a transparent background

These others are still active (I hope they are fixed too) but are not so critical or have workarounds:

System.ArgumentNullException: “Value cannot be null.” getting CommandBar.Position from an add-in
Workaround: since it seems that VS 2010 toolbars can’t be moved by hand by the user, it is not much needed to use this property

CommandBars.Item(“Tools”) causes exception rather than finding the commandbar.
Workaround: HOWTO: Locate commandbars in international versions of Visual Studio

CommandBarButton.TooltipText causes exceptions when getting or setting its value
Workaround: use the tooltip parameter of the AddNamedCommand method rather than this property.