Add-ins and the “Tools”, “Customize” dialog, “Commands” tab of Visual Studio 2010 (Beta 2)

In VS 2008 (and previous versions), when you opened the “Tools”, “Customize…” dialog, “Commands” tab, you got a list of  “categories”, and each category has a list of commands that you could drag and drop on some toolbar to create a button from that command. For commands provided by add-ins, you had the “Add-Ins” category and for commands provided by macros you had the “Macros” category. Furthermore, you had a “Rearrange Commands…” button where a new dialog allowed you to select a menu bar or a toolbar, and add/move/remove commands (buttons), etc. So far so good, except one thing that VS has never managed well which is that toolbars, menu bars, commandbar popups and buttons provided by add-ins can be temporary if the add-in uses that approach instead of the permanent one, and therefore Visual Studio should not offer the temporary UI items of add-ins for customization, since customization will be lost when the add-in is unloaded and when loaded again the add-in will recreate the UI from scratch. I discussed these issues in detail in the article:

HOWTO: Handling buttons and toolbars user customizations from a Visual Studio add-in

In VS 2010 (Beta 2), commandbars are WPF-based and the Customize dialog has suffered a re-design, but if it is not fixed in the RC / RTM builds things are getting worse due to these bugs (currently under evaluation, but likely closed as “won’t fix” in this release):

VS 2010 Beta 2 Bug: wrong customization for commandbarpopup of add-ins

VS 2010 Beta2: Add-ins and macros commands should not appear in the
“Tools”, “Customize” dialog, “Commands” tab, “Menu bar” combobox

Those bugs will cause confusion to users of add-ins if they try to use the Customize dialog…

At least these two minor bugs were fixed after Beta 2:

VS 2010 Beta 2 Bug: Command picture not shown in Tools, Customize window, Commands tab

VS 2010 Beta 2 Bug: Command name shown instead of caption in Tools, Customize window, Commands tab