Happy New Year 2010 and MVP again!

Happy New Year!

I have just received the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award again, the 7th one that I receive from Microsoft. As always, I am very grateful for this award 🙂

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2010 and MVP again!”

  1. Honestly, you clearly deserve it. Just look at the great work you’ve done on VS 2010 … I hope you will continue as your blog and you site is really an help me for me !

  2. Congrats Carlos! You definitely deserve it and thanks for all your efforts in the addin space.

  3. Congrats! Most definitely deserved!

    Now how about some hints on what we may expect in the next version of MZ-Tools…?

  4. Hello Gunnar,

    MZ-Tools 6.0 will include support for VS 2010 when Microsoft releases the Release Candidate, since Beta 2 is not usable due to the problems of its commandbars.

    MZ-Tools 7.0 will be released in 2010 🙂 but the feature set is not closed yet.

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