I’m back

In the last couple of weeks two important things happened: after several secret LCTPs, Microsoft released a new public build of VS 2010 (the Release Candidate), and… I got married 🙂 I spent the honeymoon at Argentina, which has arguably the most impressive natural wonder of planet Earth (the Iguazu Falls), and impressive glaciers too (Perito Moreno). And if you like to eat meat, the beef is superb. Definitely a very recommendable traveling destination.

I have just downloaded VS 2010 RC and I am installing it. I don’t expect many changes from previous LCTPs since the focus of this build was only performance fixes, but it is a big change from the last public build (Beta 2), which was unusable for add-ins due to commandbar bugs (that I blogged a lot about in last months). All the critical bugs that I reported were fixed in LCTPs but not the minor bugs. I will change to “public” my private bugs to Microsoft for my next posts but basically VS 2010 will be a release with some bugs relating its new WPF-based commandbars. I was able to workaround most of them so Microsoft told me that they would prefer not to fix them, to avoid the risk of breaking something else.

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