VS 2010 RC problems with CommandBar.RowIndex to position toolbars

These are two “minor” bugs that the new WPF-based commandbars of Visual Studio 2010 are going to have since won’t be fixed in this release:

VSIP: VS 2010 Dec LCTP: toolbar with CommandBar.RowIndex = -1 not created in new row

VSIP: VS 2010 Dec LCTP: CommandBar.RowIndex of toolbar not updated after creating and making it visible

If your add-in uses more than one toolbar, it can affect you. I found a workaround using big values for the RowIndex property rather than -1 to ensure that the toolbars appear below existing toolbars.

One thought on “VS 2010 RC problems with CommandBar.RowIndex to position toolbars”

  1. Hi Carlos,
    I having problems with Toolbars in my add-in to VS2010. I reported the issue to Microsoft. Here is the link:

    Microsoft has suggested that it is by design!!! How can they say that when something works fine VS 2003,2005,2008 and gives exceptions in VS2010. How can that be by design. It so frustrating.

    Joginder Nahil

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