VS 2010: Shift key no longer preventing the loading of add-ins (by design)

In VS 2005 and 2008 (but not in VS.NET 2002 or 2003), you could press the Shift key while VS was being launched to prevent the loading of add-ins that were marked to load on startup. This was very useful for developers of add-ins to prevent the following issue:

PRB: ‘Could not copy temporary files to the output directory’ error building Visual Studio .NET add-in.

On Windows 7 and its new bar to launch/show running applications, the Shift key is used to launch a new application, so Microsoft removed that behavior of VS 2010. I reported it when I noticed it in the Jan LCTP build. The report is here:

VSIP: VS 2010 Jan LCTP: Shift key doesn’t prevent loading add-ins when VS is launched

The workaround is to use the /SafeMode command-line switch, I updated the article above.