MZ-Tools 6.0 now supporting Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate

I updated my MZ-Tools 6.0 add-in to support Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate and finally today March 1 I have released it.

Microsoft finally fixed most of the bugs that I have been reporting in the last months in the WPF-based commandbars so add-ins can get loaded in the IDE without crashing and AFAIK I was able to workaround all the issues that were not fixed (and won’t be in the RTM).

FWIW, some technical details:

– Internally this MZ-Tools build is compiled (using VS 2008) against .NET Framework 2.0 / CLR 2.0 and not the .NET Framework 4.0 / CLR 4.0 that VS 2010 uses (and the only that ships), but it works fine AFAIK.

– Although this MZ-Tools 6.0 build ships several assemblies (one for each VS IDE) for historical reasons (it still supports VS.NET 2002/2003), I have done tests for future versions and it seems to be possible to build a single assembly in .NET Framework 2.0 / CLR 2.0 that targets VS 2005, 2008 and 2010, using references provided by VS 2005 (that are also available in next VS versions) or using Reflection for references whose version changes between IDE versions (I think that you can use assembly redirections too).