EnvDTE.Window.Kind vs EnvDTE.Window.ObjectKind

This afternoon I was writing an add-in for a new MZ-Tools series article and while I thought that EnvDTE.Window.Kind returned a Guid to identify the kind of a toolwindow, it actually returns the literal “Tool” for all toolwindows.

I revisited the article:

HOWTO: Getting information about Visual Studio windows from an add-in

and I noticed that the information was incorrect and that in Visual Studio .NET 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010 (I am unable to test Visual Studio .NET 2002 on Windows 7 64-bit), EnvDTE.Window.Kind doesn’t return a Guid but “Tool” for toolwindows and “Document” for document windows. It is the EnvDTE.Window.ObjectKind property which returns such Guid. So, I have updated the article to fix the misleading information.