MZ-Tools Articles grouped by category

When I started the MZ-Tools articles series about developing add-ins for Visual Studio .NET some years ago, I didn’t think that its number would grow so much so I grouped them by type:

  • INFO
  • PRB
  • BUG

At this point, with 170 articles at the time of this writing, it was even difficult for me to locate the one that I was searching when answering questions in the forums, so I have grouped them now by category:

  • Articles about getting started and general information
  • Articles about commands, buttons and commandbars
  • Articles about toolwindows
  • Articles about getting information
  • Articles about custom pictures
  • Articles about the code model
  • Articles about Windows Forms
  • Articles about Web Forms
  • Articles about getting events
  • Articles about installing and uninstalling
  • Articles about troubleshooting, bugs and issues
  • Other articles

I may tweak the categories in the next weeks but for now I think it is much better now:

MZ-Tools Articles Series (about add-ins)