MZ-Tools Articles Series: reached 200 articles

After my first trip to the Microsoft campus at Seattle / Redmond back in April 2004 for the MVP Summit, shortly after being awarded as MVP, I returned with a boost of energy to do things related to the extensibility of Visual Studio with add-ins. One of the things was to start writing small articles about how to do common things, repetitive questions that appeared in the forums (at that time the now dead Yahoo forum about Visual Studio.NET add-ins). Although I started writing Microsoft Knowledge Base Community Articles, soon I decided to create them on my own MZ-Tools web site, as sections in these two pages:

Resources about Visual Studio .NET extensibility

Resources about Office extensibility

Last night I wrote the article #200. And I think I have material to write a few more 🙂

One thought on “MZ-Tools Articles Series: reached 200 articles”

  1. Carlos, I’ve been reading your articles for years. I know what a pain development of VS add-ins can be. If you haven’t written some of the articles, I would have had write them myself (for me). Keep up the good work!

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