Announcing the MZ-Tools Articles Series about Visual Studio SDK packages

One of the consequences of my decision to move to SDK packages (apart from changing the title of the blog “Visual Studio Extensibility with Add-ins” at some point) is to start the MZ-Tools Articles Series (about Visual Studio SDK packages). I have created a new section on my Resources about Visual Studio .NET extensibility page for the MZ-Tools Articles Series (about packages) that I plan to write in
the next years. My first impression is that if extensibility with add-ins is tricky, extensibility with packages is hard, because of the lack of an object model, the COM roots of Visual Studio, etc. You only have to compare the code of the projects generated by the add-in project and the package project wizards… so there is a lot to learn and to write about :-). My approach will be the same than in the MZ-Tools Articles Series about add-ins: many small articles, with sample code, focused on specific things (HOWTO, INFO, BUG, etc.), classified by area. I hope they will help not only developers starting with Visual Studio extensibility from scratch, but also developers moving from add-ins to packages.

Since all this means that I will create a lot of packages for
the articles samples, the first article is how to customize the templates used by the package wizard:

HOWTO: Changing the source code of Visual Studio Package project templates

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  1. How about an article that shows how to move a custom command implemented in a VB add-in to a package?

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