Project templates wizards (IWizard vs IDTWizard)

A question in the MSDN VSX forum yesterday about fully customizing the solution creation (not the project creation) with a template made me to investigate to provide a long answer and I discovered something that I had totally forgotten: the old COM-based EnvDTE.IDTWizard that appeared in the first versions of Visual Studio .NET (2002/2003) and that can be used still today. That interface provides a single Execute method that allows you full control over the solution/project creation, on the contrary to the new wizard Microsoft.VisualStudio.TemplateWizard.IWizard that provides many methods to server as hooks in the project creation. Unfortunately I have had these two days very busy at the office and personal life (and the forecast for the next days doesn’t seem much better) so I haven’t had time to write articles with code about these wizards. Interestingly I have found that I wrote a long article with code for a Spanish magazine 8 years ago about the IDTWizard. Anyway, what I have done is to update the Visual Studio Extensibility section and Templates section to include both kinds of wizards.