The strange case of Visual Studio 2013 SDK setup blocked on Windows 10

I think I never reported this problem, neither on Microsoft Connect nor on this blog (it seems that I have been very busy last months…), but I have reproduced it on my two Windows 10 machines. When I try to install the VS 2013 SDK on Windows 10, I get the following error:

Setup Blocked
“Windows Program Compatibility mode is on. Turn it off and then try Setup again.”

And here it is the screenshot:


The Compatibility Mode is not activated:


When I activate it,  running the vssdk2013_full.exe setup with the “Troubleshoot compatibility” context menu, the setup is run with Windows 8 compatibility but still I get the same error.

I don’t know if I am the only VSX developer in the world with this problem (I haven’t seen it reported) but anyway today I have opened a bug report on Microsoft Connect, which includes the screenshot and the log file. If this problem happens to you, now you know you are not alone. I don’t have a solution or workaround, though.

UPDATE (Jun 16): Thanks to Mister Magoo for pointing in the comments that the problem is that I renamed the setup file from vssdk_full.exe to vssdk2013_full.exe.

5 thoughts on “The strange case of Visual Studio 2013 SDK setup blocked on Windows 10”

  1. Try renaming the file to vssdk_full.exe – apparently if you rename it from it’s original name it brings that error.

  2. A similar error occurs for the “Visual Studio 2013 Visualization and Modeling SDK”. The setup file name has to be VS_VmSdk.exe.

  3. Thank Mister Magoo (and Carlos)!

    I found that I could get past the compatibility problem by going into compatibility settings and ticking ‘run this program….’, hitting apply, and then un-ticking it!! However I was then getting an error saying that ‘Another setup is already running’

    Renaming the file to vssdk_full.exe fixed the problem and the install is working!



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