New Project System Extensibility sections

One of the areas of Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX) that I am not very familiar with is project system extensibility, that is, creating new project types, extending project types with flavors (project subtypes) or creating custom tools (single file generators). I knew that that extensibility area was hard, though, as every piece of Visual Studio extensibility that was created around Visual Studio 2005 / 2008.

Yesterday, the time has come for a huge improvement in that area, when Microsoft made public a new Common Project System (CPS) Extensibility SDK in preview for Visual Studio 2015 that aims to simplify project type creation getting rid of MPFproj (“often containing well over 100K lines of code”).

I have noticed that this extensibility area was not well covered in this VSX site, that aims to provide pointers to every VSX bit of information out there, so I have created these new sections: