New book and videos about the .NET Compiler platform (“Roslyn”)

After appearing as the new C# / VB.NET compilers in VS 2015, “Roslyn” is gaining popularity, so I am enriching its sections on this web site.

There is now the first book (AFAIK) about Roslyn, by Alessandro Del Sole, which is even free thanks to Syncfusion:

roslyn-succinctly Roslyn Succinctly (free ebook)

Josh Varty published last month two new videos of his Learn Roslyn Now series on YouTube:

LearnRoslynEp08 Learn Roslyn Now – E08 – The AdHocWorkspace
By Josh Varty, YouTube, February 2016
LearnRoslynEp09 Learn Roslyn Now – E09 – Introduction to Analyzers
By Josh Varty, YouTube, February 2016

And I have found several new videos:

TormentYourColleaguesWithRoslyn Torment Your Colleagues with the ‘Roslyn’ .NET Compiler Platform
By Ivan Towlson, TechEd Europe, September 2015
RoslynNetCodeGems Roslyn and .NET Code Gems
By Scott Allen, DevDay, October 2015
AnalyzersAndRiseOfCodeAware .NET Compiler Platform (“Roslyn”): Analyzers and the Rise of Code-Aware Libraries
By Dustin Campbell, Microsoft Build, May 2015
BuildingDiagnosticAnalyzer Building a Diagnostic Analyzer with Code Fix in Visual Studio 2015
By Jeremy Clark, December 2014
CSharpInception C# Inception: Using Roslyn and C# Code to Analyze C# Code
By Eric Potter, Stir Trek Conference, January 2016