The new VS “15” installation design

I am these weeks pushing all my dev teams (near 40 people) of my daily job to upgrade from old versions of Visual Studio (2003-2013) to Visual Studio 2015, and all I hear from the first people taking the task are horror stories about the VS 2015 taking “hours” to install or “the whole day”. Their laptops are not more than 3 years old (my company renews them after that period) but I know they have 4 GB of memory, and most importantly, HDD disks instead of SSDs. I will try to convince management to pay the hardware upgrades to 8 GB of memory and SSD disks, but the VS 2015 setup experience couldn’t be worse for them. I will also take a look at why it takes so long on their computers, because they were instructed to install only the required components (desktop and web development with VB.NET/C#) and in my experience that should not take more than 1 hour on a computer with a HDD disk. I bought myself a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro for work some months ago and I think that VS 2015 installed in “only” 30 minutes, which surprised me a lot.

Microsoft is well aware of the painful setup experience for Visual Studio since long time ago, and they have decided to improve it a lot in the new VS “15” (not to be confused with VS 2015) with a new minimal install, optional “Stacks” or “Workloads” (name still to be decided), and isolated, low-impact, MSI-free, GAC-free, registry-free components:


This was a first post on the Visual Studio blog: Faster, Leaner, Focused on Your Development Needs: The New Visual Studio Installer. And today there is a new post: On the Road to Release: Redesigning Visual Studio Installation that provides a couple of interesting things:

One thought on “The new VS “15” installation design”

  1. Developing with only 4GB memory and HDD’s in 2016, that’s insane.
    This stuff is so cheap and boost productivity so much, hope you will get your upgrades (but 8GB is not that much too, I would directly go for 16GB, specially when running multiple VS instances in parallel).
    Guess these guys never tasted the speed of a SSD, otherwise there would be a revolt already 😉

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