The strange case of MZ-Tools keeping disabled

I have received a couple of issues in the last days from users of my MZ-Tools package, reporting that it keeps disabled, they have to enable it, and when restarting Visual Studio 2015 it happens again.

I haven’t seen that issue, so I could not investigate on my computer, but searching the web I found this post of MVP fellow David Gardiner that explains that the issue can happen to any extension and he provides a solution:

Web Essentials 2015 extension keeps being disabled

So far my users have confirmed the solution. Thanks David!

One thought on “The strange case of MZ-Tools keeping disabled”

  1. The reason not everyone is seeing this issue, is because they are only running one version of Visual Studio.
    I have VS2015 and VS2017 installed, and this didn’t occur until a loaded and existing VS2015 project in VS2017. After doing this, my MZ Tools extension was disabled in both versions.
    So, following the instructions in David Gardiners post (basically uninstalling MZTools twice, and reinstalling) fixed the issue until I loaded the project in VS 2017 again! It would appear that VS creates a link the to the extension for each version you run. This would suggest it is not always a good idea to run two IDEs of different versions on the same machine.

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